Who will meet who?

As national teams prepare for the European Championships, players, coaches and managers are increasingly asking the same question – who will we play?

Who will meet who?

The official draw of the main groups is scheduled for Monday 20.9., when we will know the composition of all six groups.

Before that, we bring you the composition of the pots according to which the draw will be made. The pots are made according to the EMF ranking, i.e. according to the latest results of the friendly and competitive matches of each national team.

There are 4 pots with 6 teams in each. This means that we will divide the teams into groups A to F. We will draw one pot at a time, dividing all the teams from that pot into groups in alphabetical order.


Pot 1:

Pot 2:

Pot 3:

Pot 4:

So, do you have your ideal group and opponents you would like for your team?

Were your predictions right? We’ll find out together in just a few days and you’ll be able to watch it live.